Welcome to Sycamore Run, Indianapolis, IN!

Welcome to Sycamore Run

Welcome to the website exclusively for the residents of Sycamore Run. This site is the central point of information and communication between you and the board.

Here are a few quick examples of how this site can be used:

Be sure to bookmark our site, and visit often.

Architectural Improvements, Fences, Etc

If you are making any architectural improvements to your house/property, you must fill out this Architectural Control Committee Change Request Form and get approval from the board before any construction can commence. Please contact the board with any questions regarding your upcoming projects.

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Tree Planting Photos Uploaded

Check out some of the photos from our Tree Planting which happened on May 9, 2010.

We planted trees along the path near the lakes.

View Entire 2010 Tree Planting Gallery

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Two friendly reminders

Two topics have been brought to our attention recently by a few different neighbors.

After mowing your lawn, please try to sweep or blow the grass clippings off of the streets and sidewalks. We need to keep our storm drains free from grass clippings, leaves and other debris.

Please be responsible and clean up after your dog.


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New to our site: Neighbor Profile Pages

If you are a registered neighbor, you can now provide more information about yourself by editing your listing in the directory.

Examples of information you can update:

  • First/Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Secondary Email Address
  • Primary Phone
  • Secondary Phone
  • Lot Number
  • Address
  • Websites (personal or business)
  • Month/Year you moved in
  • Services you provide (babysitting, lawncare, handyman, etc)
  • Information about yourself
  • Activities/Interests
  • Family Information (friends, spouse, kids)
  • Work Information (company name, job title)
  • Emergency Contact Information

Already Registered? Go to the Directory and Edit your profile.

If you’re not registered, you can request access.

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Trash collection changes coming this spring

Beginning in the Spring of 2010, Indianapolis is improving trash collection service for 120,000 households in Marion County.This will affect all DPW service districts, but not those currently serviced by Waste Management or Republic. For some households, the improvements will mean replacing your current trash containers with the 96-gallon trash carts provided free of charge by the City of Indianapolis. For others, the new service will simply mean switching to a different trash collection day. And for some, it means both new trash carts and new collection days.

Below is a summary of how Indy’s trash collection services will change for Sycamore Run:

Your trash is currently picked up on:

Beginning the week of June 7th, 2010 your new trash pickup day will be:
WEDNESDAY (no change)

If you are not already receiving cart service, you will be receiving a 96 gallon cart free of charge from the city, which will arrive between April 22nd and June 4th, 2010.

Your heavy trash pick up day will be:

Your new trash pickup day will become effective the week of June 7th. Please call (317)327-4MAC if you have additional questions or check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the Indy Gov website.

Please note, if you subscribe to the recycling program, there will be no changes to your service or day of pickup for recycled items. Additionally, if you live in an area serviced by a dumpster, there will be no changes to your service.

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New Mailbox Provider

Sycamore Run has a new provider for mailboxes. Our other provider (Caperole Post) is no longer in business. If you need to replace your mailbox please contact Otto Parking and Marking at:

Otto Parking and Marking
Greenwood, IN

As a reminder, Sycamore Run covenants state that mailboxes should be uniform in nature (color, size, etc). If you have questions please contact a member of the board.

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Updated: Neighborhood Information

The Neighborhood section of our website has been updated to include contact information for the Mayor’s Action Center and our Neighborhood Liaison, which is our neighborhood’s direct connection to the Mayor’s office as well as other city services. Look for this new contact information in right column under Resources.

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10 Garage Sale Resources

Hey Neighbors,

Since our garage sale is this Friday and Saturday, I thought I’d pass along some resources to help you get the most of the weekend sale.

  1. Signs your sale should stay open
  2. Garage sale etiquette
  3. After your garage sale
  4. 50 hot tips to make your GARAGE SALE sizzle!
  5. Garage Sale Success
  6. Planning Your Garage Sale
  7. The Newbie’s Guide to Organizing a Profitable Garage Sale
  8. Garage Sale Tips
  9. Garage Sale Pricing
  10. 3 Steps to an Organized Garage Sale

More tips and articles can be found at www.garagesalesource.com

If you’d like to contribute any tips or stories of past success or lessons learned feel free to post a comment to this post.

Good Luck!

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Neighborhood Crime

Within the past two weeks, Sycamore Run has had several thefts that all residents need to be aware of. Three cars have been broken into and one car was actually stolen out of a resident’s driveway. In addition, there have also been a handful of homes and cars vandalized this spring.

Most crimes are based purely on opportunity, so please do your part to discourage crime in the neighborhood.

  1. Park your cars in the garage when possible.
  2. Always lock your doors and never leave valuables out in the open.
  3. Make sure your garage coach light bulbs are working. CFLs (compact fluorescents) are particularly convenient!
  4. Beware of any suspicious activity and don’t hesitate to contact the police. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Friendly Reminders

Comments from throughout the neighborhood have prompted these friendly reminders:

  • Please remember that the speed limit on all Sycamore Run roads is a maximum of 20 MPH. Observing the posted speed limit will decrease the likelihood of child deaths and injury. More importantly, parents should never allow their children to play in or near the street.
  • Please remember to clean up after your pet when walking around the neighborhood.
  • There shall be no continuous or permanent on-street parking.
  • When solicitors come to your door, make sure they know that solicitation is banned in Sycamore Run.
  • Exterior improvements to your home require approval from the board.
  • Heavy trash day occurs on the FIRST Wednesday of the month.
  • Please be courteous to you neighbors and maintain you property in a presentable manner.
  • If you haven’t already, pay your outstanding dues!

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