Welcome to Sycamore Run, Indianapolis, IN!

Welcome to Sycamore Run

Welcome to the website exclusively for the residents of Sycamore Run. This site is the central point of information and communication between you and the board.

Here are a few quick examples of how this site can be used:

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10 safety tips for Halloween

Dr. Meridith Sonnett, director of pediatric emergency services at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital offers up the following 10 tips that every parent should remember this Halloween:

  1. Always go trick-or-treating with your children.
  2. Do not let your children eat candy until you’ve had a chance to examine it.
  3. Make sure they throw away any unwrapped foods.
  4. Make sure costumes are made of non-flammable material and are short enough so that your children don’t trip.
  5. If your children are wearing masks, make sure the eye holes are the right size and in the right place so their vision is not blocked.
  6. If they are old enough to trick-or-treat by themselves, have them go in groups — even if only on your block or in your building.
  7. If they are trick-or-treating at nighttime, make sure their costumes are bright in color, or have your children wear reflectors.
  8. If they are going on dark streets, have them take a flashlight. If they are going in apartment buildings, accompany them inside.
  9. Instruct your children on proper street crossing safety.
  10. Do not let them enter a stranger’s home or apartment. Have them ask for the treats while waiting outside the door.

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Architectural Improvements

If you are making any architectural improvements to your house/property, you must fill out this form and get approval from the board before any construction can commence. Please contact the board with any questions regarding your upcoming projects.

You can download the form in the Documents section of this site.

You must logon to download forms.

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Weed Enforcement

The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Marion
County Health Department (MCHD) partner to enforce ordinances for the control of high weeds and high grass on properties within the county. When a report is received, MCHD inspects the property, and if a violation is found, a notice of violation is issued.

After the deadline given in the notice of violation, the property is reinspected. If the property has been mowed, the violation is closed. If the property has not been mowed, it will be mowed by contractors under the direction of DPW or MCHD crews.

After a property has been mowed by DPW or MCHD crews, an invoice is sent to the owner of the property for payment of the mowing and administrative costs incurred. If the invoice is not paid, the City will file a lien against the property for collection with the next property tax payment.

You may report the problem online via the Mayor’s Action Center or call (317) 327-4MAC.

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The covenants state that our mailboxes should be of the same color, style and have the same style of numbers. If your mailbox, post or numbers become damaged by nature or other forces, please contact Caporale Post to purchase a new one. Inform them that you live in Sycamore Run and they will get the appropriate mailbox for you. Their number is (317) 883-3725. You can purchase a mailbox and matching post for $100 or just the mailbox for $45. For an additional charge, they can also install it for you.

You can download the covenants in the Documents section of this site.

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