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Events & Block Party for 2015

We are going to have several events coming up that may be of interest to you!

Garage Sale – Friday & Saturday, May 29-30th 8am-?pm
If you’re cleaning house, why not make a little money? Every year we plan a community garage sale (which attracts more people than an individual garage sale would). Any unsold garage sale items can be listed in the Classifieds section of this site for free. We will be contacting the Salvation Army to stop by on Saturday afternoon to help with your left over items that you would like to donate.

Spring Cleaning Day – Saturday, June 6th (8am-noon)
Volunteers are needed to help clean the neighborhood. We will start the day at the top of Sycamore Run and pick up all the common areas.

Block Party in the east common area – Saturday, June 20th, 5:00 PM
This is our time to get together and meet/talk with your neighbors!
Yes there will be a “Water Slide”
Rain Date will be Sunday June 22nd. Same Time.

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We are precinct 21, vote at Abbey Road

For those voting today. We are precinct 21, and our voting location is the Abbey Road Clubhouse. It is located off of Arlington just south of Stop 11.

If you know your precinct, you can bypass the long line!

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Helpful voting information

How to vote in Indiana

Indiana election website
Are you registered to vote?
Some Indiana voters may qualify to vote by mail.
Absentee ballot information
Indiana voter hotline: 1-866-IN-1-VOTE

Your Local Election Office

County Board of Voter Registration
Phone: (317) 327-3893
Fax: (317) 327-5040

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Tree Planting Photos Uploaded

Check out some of the photos from our Tree Planting which happened on May 9, 2010.

We planted trees along the path near the lakes.

View Entire 2010 Tree Planting Gallery

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10 Garage Sale Resources

Hey Neighbors,

Since our garage sale is this Friday and Saturday, I thought I’d pass along some resources to help you get the most of the weekend sale.

  1. Signs your sale should stay open
  2. Garage sale etiquette
  3. After your garage sale
  4. 50 hot tips to make your GARAGE SALE sizzle!
  5. Garage Sale Success
  6. Planning Your Garage Sale
  7. The Newbie’s Guide to Organizing a Profitable Garage Sale
  8. Garage Sale Tips
  9. Garage Sale Pricing
  10. 3 Steps to an Organized Garage Sale

More tips and articles can be found at www.garagesalesource.com

If you’d like to contribute any tips or stories of past success or lessons learned feel free to post a comment to this post.

Good Luck!

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10 safety tips for Halloween

Dr. Meridith Sonnett, director of pediatric emergency services at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital offers up the following 10 tips that every parent should remember this Halloween:

  1. Always go trick-or-treating with your children.
  2. Do not let your children eat candy until you’ve had a chance to examine it.
  3. Make sure they throw away any unwrapped foods.
  4. Make sure costumes are made of non-flammable material and are short enough so that your children don’t trip.
  5. If your children are wearing masks, make sure the eye holes are the right size and in the right place so their vision is not blocked.
  6. If they are old enough to trick-or-treat by themselves, have them go in groups — even if only on your block or in your building.
  7. If they are trick-or-treating at nighttime, make sure their costumes are bright in color, or have your children wear reflectors.
  8. If they are going on dark streets, have them take a flashlight. If they are going in apartment buildings, accompany them inside.
  9. Instruct your children on proper street crossing safety.
  10. Do not let them enter a stranger’s home or apartment. Have them ask for the treats while waiting outside the door.

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