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Tree Planting Photos Uploaded

Check out some of the photos from our Tree Planting which happened on May 9, 2010.

We planted trees along the path near the lakes.

View Entire 2010 Tree Planting Gallery

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Weed Enforcement

The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Marion
County Health Department (MCHD) partner to enforce ordinances for the control of high weeds and high grass on properties within the county. When a report is received, MCHD inspects the property, and if a violation is found, a notice of violation is issued.

After the deadline given in the notice of violation, the property is reinspected. If the property has been mowed, the violation is closed. If the property has not been mowed, it will be mowed by contractors under the direction of DPW or MCHD crews.

After a property has been mowed by DPW or MCHD crews, an invoice is sent to the owner of the property for payment of the mowing and administrative costs incurred. If the invoice is not paid, the City will file a lien against the property for collection with the next property tax payment.

You may report the problem online via the Mayor’s Action Center or call (317) 327-4MAC.

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